Reference projects in Germany

On these pages, we'll give you a sampling of our reference projects in Germany.

Have a look at the projects to learn more about individual solutions, and allow yourself to be inspired by what you find.


External sun shading systems
External sun shading systems offer a wide range of different application options: they can be used as an optical highlight or integrated virtually invisibly into the facade. These pages will give you an impression of the vast possibilities available.
Internal sun shading systems and glare control provide optimal lighting and climate conditions. On these pages, we'll give you a glimpse of the diverse functions and design options offered by our products.
Sun shading systems for patios
From sun sails to conservatory awnings - this is where you'll find examples of our innovative shading solutions for all types of patios and balconies
Control systems
Whether it's a single family home or a large-scale construction project, intelligent control systems deliver comfort and efficiency as part of our sun shading solutions. Below you'll find a few examples of our control systems in use in competed projects.