The history of WAREMA

Venetian blind production during the 1960s

The beginnings

The WAREMA success story began in 1955 with courage and determination. Together with Karl-Friedrich Wagner, Hans-Wilhelm Renkhoff founded a company that specialised in manufacturing light metal venetian blinds.

A solid product, five employees and a great deal of motivation were the starting capital of the young entrepreneurs. Their efforts quickly bore fruit. By their fourth year in business, they had 45 employees producing 1 million deutschmarks' worth of venetian blinds.

In 1958, the company's success was overshadowed by the accidental death of Karl-Friedrich Wagner. After this, Hans-Wilhelm Renkhoff took over sole management of the company.

Construction of a company building

The company grows

The initial production facility of the successful company quickly became too small, and construction was started on the first section of what was to become today's company headquarters. Since then, hardly a year has passed in which expansions and additions have not been necessary.

The product spectrum, too, has been expanded continuously. Roller blinds joined venetian blinds in the production lineup in 1959, soon to be followed by aluminium roller shutters. The finished roller shutter element from WAREMA proved to be a sales hit, and the company continued to grow.

In 1967, the "Super 80" external venetian blind became part of the product line. In its developed form, the Super 80 is equivalent to today's external venetian blind. The 1970s saw the introduction of vertical louvre blinds and awnings as new product highlights.

Whatever the company was unable to purchase in the way of components for its sun shading control systems, it manufactured itself. As a result, plastic parts and control components, for example, have also been produced at WAREMA facilities since the 1970s. In addition, WAREMA continues to design and build many special machines and tools.

Woman, venetian blind
Worker at machine

Close to customers

For company founder Hans-Wilhelm Renkhoff, close proximity to business partners was extremely important. That's why the company had already established 15 branch offices throughout Germany by 1984.

Dresden and Leipzig each saw the establishment of a new branch office following the German reunification. The local sales offices provide customer support and still handle sales of our sun shading solutions to WAREMA dealers to this day.

Trade fair, awning
Trade fair, booth team

Successful transition to the next generation

Angelique Renkhoff-Mücke, daughter of the company founder, became the Chief Executive Officer of the WAREMA group in 2001. Since then, she has carried on the life's work of her father.

Under her leadership, WAREMA has concentrated on its core competency, which focuses on sunlight. The company has also become increasingly active in the global market.

"My father laid the foundation for our current position in the sun shading market. Since the company's inception in 1955, we have continuously worked towards becoming the leading SunLight Manager".

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