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Well-rounded and deliberate

We have been developing and producing WAREMA technical sun shading products since 1955. Over the course of the past decades, we have compiled a comprehensive body of expert knowledge on everything and anything related to SunLight Management.

On the basis of our expert knowledge, comprehensive assortment of products and experience that spans multiple decades, we specialize in a wide range of fields.

As a full-range provider, and with the help of our numerous experts, we deliver solutions from a single source. Our national sales network and global presence ensure that our know-how is always available wherever it is needed.

It is not an overstatement to say that we are passionate about technology and perfectionists in our approach, setting high standards for ourselves and paying close attention to detail.

Our customers can safely rely on our services and assured quality. We are a partner at eye level with our employees, customers and suppliers.

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Responsible and honest

It is the people around us who make us strong. That's why we take our responsibility to them just as seriously as our responsibility to the environment and community.

For us it a matter of course to build a knowledge base, expand on it and pass it on. A fair and cooperative relationship with one another is a major priority in our family-owned company.

The sum of all of these values is the foundation of our success as the leader in SunLight Management.

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SunLight Management

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