The WAREMA Group

WAREMA Renkhoff SE is both an active company and a holding. The WAREMA Renkhoff SE group consists of four companies:

  • WAREMA International GmbH
  • WAREMA Sonnenschutztechnik GmbH
  • Wings Professional Project GmbH
  • WAREMA Kunststofftechnik und Maschinenbau GmbH

Interesting facts & news

Warema Renkhoff SE
As the umbrella of the WAREMA Group, WAREMA Renkhoff SE is both a holding and an active company. WAREMA Renkhoff SE has its roots in the town of Marktheidenfeld, Bavaria. Even today, the company's place of origin is of central importance to the entire WAREMA Group. It is in Marktheidenfeld that our products – be they sun shading systems or control systems – are developed and in large part also manufactured. And it is here that our sales activities are coordinated. Thanks to our extensive sales network, we are able to fully support and address the needs of our specialist dealers throughout Germany.
WAREMA International GmbH
As an active intermediate holding, WAREMA International GmbH manages the international subsidiaries in Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, China, South Korea and the Netherlands. WAREMA International GmbH also handles international business affairs and supports customers in over 50 countries around the world.
WAREMA Sonnenschutztechnik GmbH
The history of WAREMA Sonnenschutztechnik GmbH began with the production of internal sun shading systems. We also produce external venetian blinds at our production site in Limbach-Oberfrohna in Saxony and our headquarters in Marktheidenfeld.
Wings Professional Project GmbH
Wings Professional Project GmbH develops and produces individual and aesthetic solutions for sun shading systems, facade design and daylight technology. The product line of this medium-sized, Lübeck-based company primarily covers hollow-body and large FIX slat systems. It also includes single-walled FIX slat systems, special designs and control systems for these products. More information on Wings Professional Project GmbH
WAREMA Kunststofftechnik und Maschinenbau GmbH
WAREMA Kunststofftechnik und Maschinenbau GmbH manufactures plastic parts for the automotive sector, as well as for medical engineering and sun shading technology. Our own mould design department enables us to develop and produce high-tech shapes for plastic injection moulding. In addition, we produce special machines and systems as well as automation solutions for the plastics processing industry. Since 2011, WAREMA Plastic Technology Hungary Kft., a subsidiary of WAREMA Kunststofftechnik und Maschinenbau GmbH, has been part of the WAREMA group. At our Hungarian location in Gyal, near Budapest, our manufacturing focus is on injection moulded components for the automobile industry. More information about WAREMA Kunststofftechnik und Maschinenbau GmbH