Central control systems

Central control systems from WAREMA fulfil individual requirements.

From the control of single awnings to thousands of sun shading products, these central control systems are ideal for any situation.

System components

Sun shading control systems
A number of specific programs are contained in the sun shading control system that protect the sun shading system against weather conditions (safety functions) and control the system as required by the user (comfort functions).
Motor control units
The motor control units (MSE) are where the move commands of the sun shading control system are processed and the local operating element (push button/venetian blind switch) is connected. The WAREMA motor control unit is always connected upstream of the motor and provided with output fuse protection for the motor line (0.75 mm²) on all surface-mounted and DIN rail-mounted models.WAREMA motor control units are available in different models. They have different output voltages (connection of 230 V AC or 24 V DC).
Floor distribution controls
Floor distribution controls are used to operate the sun shading systems of a facade on one floor and also to electrically isolate the control line. In addition, floor distribution controls with an integrated power supply unit supply the downstream motor control units with a 24 V DC control voltage.
WAREMA emergency power supply kit
The WAREMA emergency power supply kit for sun shading products offers users increased safety by raising any connected sun shading products (roller shutters, external venetian blinds, etc.) in the event of power failures or when centrally activated (by a building control system, central fire alarm or smoke detectors). The field of application for this product covers a broad spectrum ranging from private use to commercial construction. The emergency power supply kit consists of a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) and a special motor control unit. The kit can be used with controls that are already installed on-site or set up for purely manual operation via a switch. The special motor control unit is easily connected between the existing control/operation elements. However, a higher-level control (building control system, central fire alarm, etc.) can also be used and connected.