Control systems

WAREMA has the perfect solution for every requirement - from small control units, to multi-channel controllers for residential and office buildings, right up to interconnected control systems for large buildings and specific controllers for use in conservatories.

WAREMA also produces bus controls in LonWorks® and KNX technology

Optimise your sun shading systems with controls from WAREMA, the leading sun shading system manufacturer. Don't settle for anything less.


Radio systems
EWFS and WMS, the WAREMA radio systems, control your sun shading system or lighting conveniently by remote control. The individual components are installed directly on the sun shading product using plug & play. Complicated line routing is no longer necessary, which makes it ideal for retrofitting projects.
Central control systems
Central control systems from WAREMA fulfil individual requirements. From the control of single awnings to thousands of sun shading products, these central control systems are ideal for any situation.
WAREMA climatronic®
The WAREMA climatronic® is a complete solution to controlling all WAREMA products as well as other systems in your building. Whatever the season, WAREMA climatronic® will lower your energy consumption and make sure the climate is just right.
Bus systems
Unlike central control systems, bus systems use only one line - the bus line - for transferring all data.Every actuator in the system has the intelligence to filter certain signals out of the bus line and independently initiates the move commands for all connected products (sun shading system, light, windows, etc.).
Modularisable control systems permit the seamless grouping of different elements into room automation units - based on a single device family. The WAREMA BAline control system satisfies all prerequisites for the straightforward planning, configuration and commissioning of room automation units.

Sensors, power supply units & accessories

Sensor are used to collect weather data such as wind speed, wind direction, solar radiation, inside and outside temperature, humidity and precipitation. The weather data are converted into electrical signals by the sensors and further processed in WAREMA sun shading control systems.
Power supply units
We offer different types of power supply units for supplying power to our systems.
This section presents the accessories that can be used with each WAREMA control unit.