Patio awning accessories

Here you can find the attractive accessories we offer for our patio awnings, from light rails to radiant heaters.

Light rails

Light rails
  • LED or halogen light rail

Integrated lighting with LED strips

  • Cassette awning K70: integrated in cassette and/or front rail
  • Cassette awning K50: integrated in cassette
  • Articulated arm awning G60/H60: integrated in front rail
  • Pergola awning: integrated in both guide rails
  • Dimmable with the WMS Dimmer LED

Radiant heaters

Retractable valance
  • 1500 Watt, with infrared quartz technology
  • Installation on awning, patio roof or wall
  • Wireless radiant heater control
  • Available in the following colours: RAL 9016, RAL 9006 and RAL 9005 (satin finish surface)

WMS Comfort control

WMS comfort control type K60
  • Fully automatic control of awning and valance roller blind based on wind conditions
  • Invisibly integrated in the awning
  • Available for cassette awnings K60 and K70

Turning gear

Turning gear
  • This swivel drive allows the awning to be adjusted to the angle of the sun with a simple turn of the crank rod.
  • Continuously adjustable inclination angle
  • Only for use with articulated arm awnings G60 and H60

WMS Wind sensor

WMS Wind sensor
  • Integrated wind sensor automatically retracts the awning in high winds
  • Operation by remote control

Valance roller blind

Valance roller blind
  • Additionally lowerable valance roller blind in drop profile
  • Operation using crank or motor
  • Comfort control with integrated wind monitoring; valance roller blind and awning can be operated using a remote control

Valance roller blind for pergola awning

  • Protection against low-lying sun and prying eyes
  • For straight and curved guide rails
  • Operated by crank

Valance shapes

Valance shapes
  • Elegant awning end available in six shapes, from straight to curved.
  • Perfectly fitting border in various colours for all patio awnings
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