Patio awnings

Want to enjoy more time outdoors without cutting corners on a perfect sun shading system? With the help of our innovative awning solutions, you can create an entirely new living space on your own patio: a place where the whole family can 'live out and feel in' while working, relaxing and playing.

Product variants

Articulated arm awnings
Our articulated arm awnings offer an attractive look and sophisticated technology to create a pleasantly shaded environment on balconies and patios. The articulated arm awnings 530 and G60 are installed in locations where the fabric is protected. Type H60 is a half-closed articulated arm awning. Its fabric and equipment enjoy effective protection against rain and soiling from above. The articulated arm awning 700S was developed specifically for installation in shafts. The flexible design (with or without a cover panel) can be optimally integrated in the facade.
Cassette awnings
In this awning, a cassette protects the frame parts and awning fabric from dirt and weathering.
Retractable patio side screen type 390
The retractable patio side screen is a practical addition to your balcony and terrace. It also provides protection from low sun, light wind and prying eyes. The selection of fabrics and colours available for the patio side screen is as broad and varied as that of the WAREMA patio roofs. Colour combinations are possible as well.When retracted in the cassette box, the fabric is well-protected against dust and soiling. New from WAREMA: The fabric of the side screen can be slopedto adapt it to its surroundings, such as to the inclination of the WAREMA patio roof.It can be extended with one easy move. The handle is simply hooked into a holder on the opposite side. An integrated spring-loaded shaft tensions the fabric – and there are over 300 different fabrics to choose from.A further highlight of the patio side screens is that they provide a view out while still offering visual privacy.This is made possible by the transparent PVC plastic film combined with Soltis 92 fabrics. Due to its transparency, the fabric affords an unhindered view of the outdoors while still offering protection against wind and weather.
Pergola awning
With its ease of operation and excellent weather resistance, the pergola awning represents the unity of comfort and functionality. Thanks to secudrive® - the innovative guide using a spring steel strip - the fabric can be guided directly in the awning's straight or curved guide rails. An optional travelling reinforcement profile provides total reliability without detracting from the awning's appearance. A crank-operated valance roller blind is also available as an added feature. This additional blind provides excellent protection against light evening breezes, low-lying sun and prying eyes.

Accessories & other information

Awning collection
Would you like to know which fabric from our new collection best suits your facade? Then the Collection Consultant is the right place for you.Please take advantage of this convenient decision-making aid. Start the Collection Consultant
Frame colours
Choose frame colours which harmonise with the fabric and your individual style of living. Eight WAREMA textured colours feature a finely textured coating with a metallic appearance. In addition to their sophisticated look, these colours have yet another advantage. Thanks to the fine surface texture, water and particles of dirt bead off particularly well. The exceptional coating quality ensures durability – independently tested by the Quality Association for the Coating of Building Materials (GSB). The surface coating complies with the GSB AL 631 regulations. Alternatively, you also have the option of selecting other frame colours from the WAREMA Colour World. These can be found at the bottom of the page below the 50 frame colours. NotePlease note that today's technology is unable to correctly display the colour values on the computer screen. WAREMA dealers have colour charts available that you can view to make a reliable colour choice.
secudrive® – Guides for extra protection
The patented guide with additional reliability: secudrive® expands the applications and design options for conservatory awnings and related products. The new guidance technology offers well-rounded protection that you can rely on.
Interesting facts about awning fabrics
On these pages, you will find valuable and practical tips for our awnings and the fabrics used to make them. For example, you can learn about the proper care for your awning fabric or the design and innovation prizes that our products have received.
Patio awning accessories
Here you can find the attractive accessories we offer for our patio awnings, from light rails to radiant heaters.
Awnings and sun sails product video
Our product video offers a glimpse into the range of awnings and sun sails we offer. You can watch the video here:
Our commitment to quality is demonstrated by the various awards and prizes that our products have received. An overview is available here.