Sun sails

Discover the new lightness of pleasant shade in modern and elegant surroundings.
Their unusual design makes sun sails to architectural stylistic elements that can enhance the unique appearance of any building.

You can choose between two sun sail types:

  • Rigid sun sails that can be quickly erected and dismantled in open areas
  • Movable sun sails for permanent installation.

Both models offer a high level of comfort and protection from intensive solar radiation.

Product variants

Type S1 – the new rigid sun sail
The fixed sun sail from WAREMA can be quickly and easily erected for a versatile shading solution. The rigid sun sail provides protection from the sun and rain wherever you want to create a "room" outside – such as at events, in the garden or over the sandbox. Please note that rigid sun sails must be disassembled and stored prior to inclement weather or thunderstorms.
Type S2 – the movable sun sail
The WAREMA sun sail S2 is a moveable, symmetrical sun sail. It consists of two sections of fabric in the shape of an isosceles triangle. Movable sun sails are the perfect combination of large-area shading and modern design. They transform your patio, balcony or garden into a personal outdoor haven. These permanently installed sails feature an automatic drive with control systems and are retracted in strong winds.
S3 - the movable sun sail - also available with asymmetrical fabric
The movable sun sail S3 is available with either symmetrical or asymmetrical fabric. This makes it possible to provide special solutions, such as shading in interior courtyards or on hillsides. Movable sun sails are permanently installed units which feature an automatic drive mechanism and control systems. The sails are automatically retracted in high winds.
Type S4 - the sun sail movable on one side
The WAREMA sun sail type S4 is a sail that is projectable on one side. This sun sail provides the added ability to shade corner positions, and asymmetrical fabrics are also possible. Movable sun sails are permanently installed units which feature an automatic drive mechanism and control systems. The sun sails automatically retract in high wind, thus offering extra convenience.

Equipment and accessories

Type S1 – the new rigid sun sail
Here you'll find the necessary equipment for the fixed sun sail S1.
The movable sun sails
This is where you can find the equipment and accessories you need for our movable sun sail.
Awnings and sun sails product video
Our product video offers a glimpse into the range of awnings and sun sails we offer. You can watch the video here: