Lumera Acrylic

Lumera Acrylic is an acrylic fabric made of CBA fibre (stands for "Clean Brilliant Acrylic").

Lumera Acrylic has a smoother surface, more brilliant colour, higher tear strength and a greater resistance to dirt build up.

Standard Acrylic

Standard Acrylic fabrics are made of 100% brand acrylic fabric.

They are spinning nozzle dyed, light-fast and tear-resistant.

Thanks to their impregnation, they are dirt-repellent and air permeable.

Perfora Acrylic fabric

The perforation results in an improved view out through these fabrics.

At the same time, it decreases the risk of heat accumulation and water pocket formation.

All Weather Acrylic

With a transparent acrylate coating on its outside, this fabric is virtually 100% waterproof.