Guide - visual privacy protection and sun shading systems

In this guide, we've provided you with some practical tips for our sun shading solutions.

What should you consider when purchasing a system? Which products are best suited for the requirements in your home and garden?

On this page, you will find additional information on safety, protection against UV radiation and other topics.

Product areas
Want to know which product is the best fit for your home and your needs? Interested in using sun shading solutions to add elements of style to your home? We've got the perfect solution for all areas, so go ahead and get inspired by what our products have to offer. Our diverse product areas range from window and facade products to intelligent control systems and comfortable operation options for our sun shading products. This product lineup allows us to combine quality of life, energy efficiency and increased real estate values – all with active SunLight Management.
A constant feeling of safety
The sun shading solutions we offer place a high priority on safety and security: whether it's burglar-resistant security roller shutters or child-safe sun shading systems, our solutions give you peace of mind. Below you'll find additional information about our safety standards.
Living sustainably
Improve your quality of life, save energy and reduce CO2 emissions: when used effectively, an intelligently controlled sun shading system lowers energy needs for cooling, heating and artificial lighting. This means that modern sun shading systems also reduce the use of fossil fuels and help to protect the climate. The information contained on these pages answers the following sustainability questions: - What financial incentives are available for energy-saving renovations? - How can I save energy? - How can I tell if products are sustainable?
Quality that you can see
Quality is what happens when the finished product delivers precisely what is demanded. The demands placed on us come from you, our customers. A number of juries and certification organisations have decided that we live up to your demands, and have awarded our products a wide range of different distinctions.
Protection against UV rays
The sun: a source of energy, life and vitamins – but also dangerous to your skin.
The right awning for patios and similar areas
Verena Stein, awning expert and Head of Awnings Product Management, explains what factors are important when it comes to textile shading systems and identifies the latest popular trends. Sunlight is a natural creator of good cheer, but unfortunately not entirely without side effects. Too much of it can make the joys of summer on the patio unpleasantly hot. In addition, its UV rays come with health risks. Verena Stein is an expert for WAREMA awnings. We asked her which sun shading system is best suited for patios and balconies.
The dream of your own conservatory
When you have a conservatory, even rainy days become a pleasant way of experiencing nature. The ready supply of daylight generates more health, more energy and more comfort. This is particularly important in the winter and during the transitional times between the seasons.
Tips on caring for sun shading products
This page contains some incredibly easy tips that will help you to keep your sun shading products clean.